Support for the Arts

Bokhara Projects is a keen supporter of the Indigenous Arts and has on-display numerous pieces procured by artists from remote communities.

Sponsorship of Sports

Bokhara Projects has been a sponsor of the Goodooga Magpies. Last September, the Goodooga Magpies sent a number of teams (female, male and juniors) to attend the Koori Cup held at Dubbo, NSW. Bokhara Projects is keen to support sporting activities within Indigenous communities, especially for juniors, as sport provides a fantastic way to build teamwork, physical fitness and pride in self and community.

Bokhara Projects is a supporter of the Indigenous Marathon Fund. This organisation, created by Olympian Rob de Castella, supports male and female athletes achieve physically and emotionally, as they enhance their leadership skills throughout a year-long program of training, competing and engaging with communities.

ACT NAIDOC Person of the Year

Our Co-Owner, Garth O’Connell was named the 2019 ACT NAIDOC Person of the Year. The well-deserved award is in recognition of his achievements, contribution to the community and the year’s National theme of “Voice, Treaty, Truth, Lets Work Together”.

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